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  • January 29, 2015

Meals at Home VolunteersMeal Delivery

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Meals at Home. They deliver meals, make visits, and offer help in many other ways. Many volunteers deliver meals one day a month. You do not need to drive in order to volunteer. Those who drive must be 21 and have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Volunteers may work individually or in pairs. Volunteers who work in pairs typically have one person who drives and one who delivers.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Meals at Home Volunteer

Meals at Home Volunteers can also assist in other areas, such as:

  • Computer skills and data entry
  • Office support
  • Public Relations

To sign up or to get more information, contact the volunteer coordinator at 847-332-2678 or at volcoord@mealsathome.org, or download and complete our Volunteer Application Form (print out version)  or the Volunteer Application Form (fill in version)

The fill in form version, can be completed on-line, except for the two required signatures, then saved, printed and mailed to the Volunteer Coordinator at Meals At Home.

Now available on-line, the Monthly Volunteer Time Sheet. Now available, either print a a blank form at Volunteer Time Sheet  or fill-in a Volunteer Time Sheet fill-in form on-line.

A few essential hints to completing the Volunteer Time Sheet Fill-in version:

  1. Please use Internet Explorer, even earlier versions are fine, (not Firefox) for the fill in version.
  2. After filling in the monthly information you need to save that copy to the PC you are using. Recommend using File:Save As so you can give the file a unique, easy to find file name (ie Joe-Smith-Dec-2015-volunteer-timesheet.pdf) and in a file folder that is easy to locate.
  3. On the Time Sheet form, instead of attempting to “sign” the sheet, simply write your e-mail address in this location.
  4. Send a copy to MAH by writing a short e-mail addressed to Stephanie (Volcoord@mealsathome.org) and remember to attach the saved pdf time sheet to the e-mail. Do not simply use the e-mail link on the Timesheet, this will only send a blank version to Stephanie.
  5. Alternateively, if you wish, you can fax a filled in and printed Form (not a blank copy please) to the MAH fax no. (1-847-492-1037)
  6. On following months if your monthly data is similar, just change the items needing changes on the copy you saved, and save it under an appropriate different file name (ie xxx-Jan-2016-volunteer-timesheet.pdf), then SaveAs this updated file before attaching it and e-mailing it to MAH.

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