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  • March 18, 2017


Meals at Home volunteers are the heart and soul of the organization. Volunteer Central is a place for volunteers to access information and documents.

Reporting Time and Miles

Current volunteers are asked to report their volunteer hours and miles driven to the Meals at Home office. Volunteers may report by logging in to Assisted Rides and entering the hours and miles or completing a time sheet and submitting it to the Meals at Home office monthly.

Download a Time Sheet and be sure to record your hours and mileage after each delivery route. Time sheets should be submitted monthly by email to volcoord@mealsathome.org or by mail to

Meals at Home
1123 Emerson, Suite 213
Evanston, IL 60201

Did you know?
Mileage for volunteer work can be deducted on your tax return. Mileage reports may be requested at the beginning of each year for tax purposes. Email volcoord@mealsathome.org to request your report.

Assisted Rides

Current volunteers can log in to Assisted Rides to check their schedules, record volunteer hours and miles, and look for open routes to sign up for.
Log in at www.assistedrides.com with your username and password. Contact the Meals at Home office for assistance 847-332-2678.

Volunteer Documents

Policies and Procedures

All new and current volunteers should stay familiar with the Meals at Home Volunteer Policies and Procedures. Review the Volunteer Policy and Procedures and return the signed acknowledgment on the last page.

Background Checks

Meals at Home requires background checks on all staff and volunteers. These background checks are renewed annually. If you have been notified that it is time to renew your background check you may do it online at www.verifiedvolunteers.com or complete the Background Check Renewal Form (available here as a PDF) and return it to the Meals at Home office. An ink signature is required.

Volunteer IDs

All current volunteers will need a Meals at Home Volunteer ID to be worn while delivering meals. If you do not have one, stop in the office to have your photo taken or send in a photo to volcoord@mealsathome.org. You will be notified when your ID is ready to pick up.

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